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New Beginnings this Summer

Hello! My name is Maggie Kaufman and I am a rising senior at Franklin Road Academy. I am a softball player and bowler along with being apart of National Honors Society. This summer I am extremely excited to be working at Fannie Battle. Fannie Battle is located in East Nashville provides a home away from home for kids during the day time. Fannie Battle’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable high-quality child care and empower families to reach their fullest potential. Fannie Battle has amazing teachers and caregivers for children from infant to age twelve throughout the summer with multiple activities, working on expression regarding emotions, and field trips. I am most excited about spending time with the children and doing different activities with them. Although I am slightly nervous on helping children express emotions, I hope for a completely new view on life and experiences throughout the summer. Being a Turner Fellow is truly and honor to be able to learn outside of academics and live fully in my experiences. I am excited to have the chance to show love and compassion to new faces during this summer and receive this love from the Fannie Battle organization through all circumstances.

Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind and compassionate to one another" 
  • Goodbye, but Not Forever!
    This summer at Fannie Battle has blessed my lie in so many different ways. I have learned different culture, learned many tricks on Excel, got to love those beautiful children despite how bad they could be sometimes, and create new friendships. I have cried many, many times about having to leave Fannie Battle. I will […]
  • Mixed Emotions
    As I went into my last FULL week of working at Fannie Battle, I had so many mixed emotions. As excited as I am for a vacation and a break from all the work, the more I come to dread ever having to leave Fannie Battle. I don’t think my heart will ever permanently leave […]
  • With Freedom Comes Responsibility
    This past week was definitely full of many, MANY challenges along with a lot of fun activities. Monday and Tuesday had a lot of times of boredom for the kids as we were short on staff and experienced hot days. Monday the kids were split into groups for drama workshops, but due to the short […]
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